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The research laboratory of languages, Discourse and Cultures

The HIHSJ has only one research structure, recently created, in 2011 :

The Research Laboratory of Languages, Discourse and Cultures (LDC),

Code LR11ES37,

Discipline : Letters, Arts and Cultures

Director of the laboratory : Pr. Jacqueline Bacha

The laboratory is located in the building of the Library on the ground floor, next to the UVT room. It is equipped with 6 computers connected to the internet and 4 others with no internet and video projection equipment.

It is open, in priority, to the members of the laboratory and, within the limits of the available places, to the students of Masters.

Presentation of the laboratory :

The Laboratory of Languages, Discourse and Cultures (LDC) conducts parallel and complementary research :

- In Languages ​​(especially in French linguistics in an approach that combines syntax, semantics and pragmatics)

- In Discourse Analysis (literary discourse, political discourse, historical discourse, religious discourse, media discourse, professional discourse, etc.)

- The third component, Cultures, is concerned with the relationship between languages, discourses and cultures.

The two main objectives of the Laboratory are :

1. The certified training: the laboratory has got a structure suitable for students who conduct a master’s research or a PhD. It currently hosts some thirty young researchers.

2. Basic research in linguistics and discourse analysis related to :

- Research in the teaching of languages, and more particularly of French :

 Research in the teaching-learning-acquisition process of French as a second language, particularly semantic competence (the construction and interpretation of meaning)

 Analysis of the discursive practices of didactic communication and  didactic communication.

 The integration of culture into language teaching.

- Technological research in this field :

 Design and evaluation of curricula and teaching methods in French (general French, specialized French, specific purposes)

 Design and evaluation of initial and in-service training programs to Second Language (FSL) teachers of French,

 Co-constructed professional diplomas (curriculum, content and competence reference, design of level tests, etc.), which take into account the analysis of requirements, demands and institutional constraints.



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